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Faculty History

The Faculty of Mechanics and three other faculties were established along with the Silesian University of Technology with the decree dated 24th May 1945.
The first inauguration of the academic year of the Silesian University of Technology, in Gliwice, was held on 29th October 1945, in the only University’s didactic building, belonging currently  to the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. 2750 students of the 1st year commenced their studies. The University consisted of four faculties, located in this building, in which nearly 300 scientific and didactic staff members were working.


The primary professorial staff in 1945 formed the Polish pre-war Lviv Polytechnic professors. Outstanding professors, continuing the great tradition of pre-war Lviv Polytechnic, have always been one of the strongest assets of the Silesian University of Technology.
On 7 May 1966 The Faculty of Mechanic was renamed to The Faculty of Mechanical-Engineering, and in 1969 to The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, by this name it is called until today.